Valentine’s Day Will Teach You How to Create a Different Kind of Sweet Romance

Usually, two people have what festival is to have a meal to see a movie, the feeling does not have any new idea, time for a long time girlfriend also can feel boring, so in the coming February 14 valentine’s day, how should spend? Do you want to surprise your partner with something you don’t usually get a chance to do? Here are seven different ways to open your valentine’s day and find out how to impress your date.

1. Couples photo: The couples will also have to take but mostly pictures, is it possible to have some different valentine’s day, then you can ask a photographer to a professional couple photo tour, as to the subject matter can be antique, rare, of course, is valentine’s day in the proposal is not the same as the formal leave memories!


2. Two people’s travel: this valentine’s day is very good because is on Friday, then you can take a day off at the back of the weekend, and then there are three day small long vacation can be a wonderful nearby excursion, not only can be sweet, is not the same as memories of, and I heard a good time to travel is also tested the other oh, borrow this opportunity you can also see each other whether suitable to enjoy this life with you.

3. Send girlfriend cosmetics: no woman does not like beauty, usually is to send a lipstick, valentine’s day you can send her a set of her usual favorite brand of cosmetics, or usually like but reluctant to buy, let her every day can dress up beautiful, she is happy, you are happy.

4. Bags: the legendary “bags” to cure all diseases is not unreasonable, women are born to like bags, like shopping, in valentine’s day this day can send her a bag she likes for a long time, not necessarily the price, but the style must be good-looking.


5. Go to the amusement park: women like to be spoiled as children, in valentine’s day can go to the amusement park with the love of her, riding the carousel, bumper cars, and other less exciting projects, her as a child to spoil, to meet the girlfriend’s princess dream, remember to leave her beautiful photos oh.

6. Send flowers: there is to prepare essential flowers, when sending flowers to remember the language of flowers, and different Numbers have different meanings, women are very sensitive to this aspect if the boy is clever enough to also can make a flower arrangement.

There is also one last dating method, which is also the most romantic one, which is to ride the happiness Ferris wheel with two people on the evening of valentine’s day, which is also a very good dating scene.

7. The Ferris wheel, believes that many girls love watching Korean dramas, so sure not represent romantic happiness the Ferris wheel, let’s a Ferris wheel romantic trip, according to legend the Ferris wheel in each grid is filled with happiness, as long as the kiss lover together in the Ferris rotation to the highest point, it will be forever happy, the dream of valentine’s day-night, loving couple standing in the wheel overlooking the distant place, kiss each other…

Ferris wheel recommendation: magic color Ferris wheel, and Chinese girlfriend to remember to pack a small room, enjoy the romantic time of two people, and remember to wish, Ferris wheel is very magical things, there are many beautiful legends, believe your girlfriend will like!

Will you prepare a gift for your first date? Where do you want to go for the date

At the beginning of the relationship, in fact, is the need to maintain a certain amount of material, whether friendship or love, the intention to prepare a small gift for each other is the best way to enhance the relationship. Today’s young people will now chat online, the chat will decide to meet, so the first date to send gifts?

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A gift from a first date
Do you want to prepare a gift for a Chinese girlfriend on the first date? Under normal circumstances, if you are not familiar with what each other likes and suits, you may not need to prepare gifts. After all, there may be many times in the future when you need to prepare gifts, for example, the formal confession will be on valentine’s day and so on. If you must choose a gift for your partner, then for a girl’s first date gift, choose a gift with a local touch. This will also make your partner feel appreciated and will not make them feel inadequate.

A good place to date
For a first date, the location is important, and a cozy cafe is a great place to sit down and talk to each other so you can get to know each other better. Then there’s the movie theater. Although dating to see a movie is a bit old-fashioned, an interesting movie will open up more common topics and allow you to communicate with each other more naturally. If you already have some emotional basis, then the workshop should be a good place to do pottery together, together to make a meaningful pottery works, so there is some romantic atmosphere.

In the early stage of the relationship development, the date must choose a good place, as for the first date to send gifts it depends on how much you know about the other party, the choice of gifts can be a lot, with profound meaning can be sent after many dates, confession can also learn from the ancients, love to physical evidence, love in jewelry.

How much do you know about love skills?

A mature and steady, can be called is the feeling of love, must personally experience these 4 cycles, each cycle in the middle of the transformation time, because people are different. The same, in different cycles, the love skills adopted are different.

As long as we survive these four cycles, we can truly be together forever.


First cycle: co-existence (sweet phase).
This one cycle, that is to say, people often say “hot love”: each other is full of temptation, basically every moment want to stay with another party, the other party’s words and deeds, every move in their own eyes is all happiness, really came to the level of obsession. In this one cycle, two people are in crazy amour, what experience is the sweetness and happiness in amour.

If you want to let affection be long-term, still want to overcome a few oneself, moderate “save predestination”.


The second cycle: anti dependence (conflict latency).
This cycle, the kind of passion to stick together every day has long gone, and the relationship has leveled off. One partner will be the first to step into the anti-dependency cycle, wanting more time for themselves to do what they want to do, and the other will feel left out.

In this cycle of the couple, they must be rational to solve the relationship between the two people, do not because of the moment of emotional impulse and make some incorrect decisions, casually broke their feelings.


The third cycle: independence (conflict burst period).
This cycle, which can be described as the continuation of the second stage, is a particularly important stage to hone the relationship, which must be taken seriously by both parties.

The one who wants to be independent will feel that they need a lot of independent time, while the one who feels left out will feel that the couple does not treat themselves well.
At this point, the two of you have to find common ground, moderate plan some favorite theme activities to maintain the relationship, or compromise some, try to comply with the other’s interests.

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Fourth cycle: interdependence (development period).
If everyone’s emotions have already come to this cycle, then congratulations, everyone’s feelings will eventually have a happy result.

This time, you can feel that your beautiful Asian girl has become a very close and important person in your life, even if no words, just look at her, you can also understand the meaning of her eyes.

We will help each other and create our own life path. We will not easily be bound by each other, but we will become each other. It is only necessary to pay attention that you should sometimes allocate some theme activities to recall the feeling of the love stage at that time and consolidate the feelings between the two people.

Little do you know, in daily life, the vast majority of people did not even pass the second stage and then go their own way, it is really a pity.

It is not easy to meet a person you love the most, it is not easy to meet a person who treats you well. It is the fate for two people to meet each other. Therefore, don’t give up speaking out of turn.

Methods of Talking to Ladies – Make Your Date More Harmonious With These Chatting Skills

Chat can get to know each other very well! What should I pay attention to when chatting with girls? Today we are going to learn the skills of chatting with girls!

Chat to have a purpose, purposeful and girls chat to let themselves in a dominant position, in order to better chat! When you are chatting with a girl, choose the right topic to talk about. What can you talk about? Don’t think there is nothing to talk about in your life. Don’t think and girls chat must talk about something deep, you think there is something deep girls may not like to hear, remember that you are dating girls, not to give girls lessons! As long as you have the heart to contact with others, there are many topics. What one sees, hears and feels is a great topic.


We can talk with girls about ambition, about social responsibility, about life philosophy; Can talk about work understanding, talk about colleague relations, talk about friendship, fall in love; You can talk about books, movies, TV, plays and put your appreciation into play. Can talk about the climate, about fun, about clothes, food, shelter, and travel.
The beginning of the flirtatious sister is certainly a pleasant chat, let the girl want to be with you together, in order to increase the goodwill between each other. Learned to chat, can understand the girl’s ideas, at the same time can express their own ideas. You know, girls always prefer someone with the gift of the gab.

Therefore, when going out and chatting with Chinese girls, boys must try their best to avoid affecting girls’ mood due to their nervousness. Therefore, relaxing chatting is also a skill for boys to remember when chatting with girls.

How to arrange a first date with a girl? Get these tips

After your continuous efforts, you finally get the chance to have a first date with the girl you like, but you don’t know where to go for the first date. The weather is still so hot, which will only make your date fail. So how do you schedule your first date with a girl?

A beautiful day starts with getting up, cleaning your face well, hanging a shave, combing a good hairstyle, choosing a handsome suit of clothes, a date begins!

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The best time to start a date is from 9.00 am to 11.00 am, as you have to give each other some time to sleep in, get dressed up and catch up with the shopping malls. Note: make an appointment in advance.

Pick her up at the girl’s house at 10 o’clock on the dot (tip: remember to prepare a sunshade for her in the hot summer). Take her out to dinner. Make an appointment if the line is long. The best place to eat is in a pleasant environment, which will help the two of you communicate.

Finish a meal to be able to stroll inside bazaar directly ramble, want to note here: can go shop of a few small adorn article, of the toy store and so on, the dot can attract girl interest, increase chat topic, two people dialogue can become intimate. If a girl wants to go in and try on a dress, there will be less communication between the two of them. Besides, if an Asian girl wants you to buy her a dress that is beyond your consumption level, it is really a dilemma.

Around 2 PM to see love, horror (this type of movie must ask the following girls in advance) movie, a bucket of popcorn, two cups of coke, watching the movie can feed her popcorn, secretly hold her hand or hug her oh.

About five o ‘clock the movie is over, you can go to dinner, dinner is over; Two people can go to the park ramble, like the old husband and wife, wandering, chat, finally send her home, so that the end of a beautiful day.

Keep these routines in mind on your first date with a girl.

Master These 4 Techniques to Het Your Crush to Hit on You

After a lot of brothers have like of girl, often chasing girls routines is to send warmth, love, kneeling lick all the way to become boyfriend, as long as there is in the wrong place, feel apologize immediately to others, and so on. This routine can indeed catch up with the girls, but to the end of the dead must be you. Master these 4 skills of chasing Asian girls, let the other side take the initiative to like you.

The first tip, don’t kneel. When you fall in love with an Asian woman, all you have to do is get into her world first, get to know each other first, and not just go up and lick. Kneel lick for a man is taboo, kneel lick means that you do not have your own ideas, women will not like you.8528-1ZZ31J41C20_cb6d8c_752_416

The second skill is respect and equality. Some brothers may be mentally unstable, met a more beautiful girl, you may start the state of mentally unstable because the other side value is higher than you, the other side may be richer than you and so on. In fact, it is wrong to do so. No matter how strong a strong woman is, she also needs someone to rely on. Therefore, when we communicate with women, we should have an equal attitude and keep communicating with them.

The third skill is to learn to guide each other. In the process of communication with the other party, what we should do is to take the initiative to lead and fully control the rhythm. If the other side steals your rhythm in return, you should learn to beat, imply that you are the master of the rhythm and so on, and lead the girl to love you and so on in the whole process.

The fourth skill, communicate with the other side don’t be impatient, have a purpose but no need. Purposeful means that we need to communicate with each other and let each other become our girlfriend. Undemanding means that we don’t have a strong sense of need when we chat with each other. We just talk about our boyfriend and girlfriend and make it clear that we want each other to be our girlfriend. People will think you are too purposeful and not a good person.

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The love guide that the boy must understand and Reads women’s heart

Guideline # 1: give your partner enough security. Girls fall in love need a sense of security is not how rich you and so on, but her message you can second back, she is very sad to call you when her period you can rush to accompany her, she felt lonely when you can accompany her through, a word everything has a place, every piece has a response.

Guideline # 2: feed her vanity. Vanity doesn’t have to be about buying her a bag or a brand name or something like that. When you get off work, you can pick her up and get a bunch of flowers to make her colleagues in the company envy her. Your boyfriend is so romantic. A word summary, let her generation be envied by others feeling.

Guideline # 3: make her feel loved. To be loved is not to spoil, but to make her feel when she is not happy, there is still a rely on, no matter what she does wrong, she knows you love her. For example, the girl can not sleep at night, want to chat with someone, a word to find you, accompany you until dawn. You go to sleep, I go to sleep, that’s how it feels.

Guide law 4: love yourself more than her. Girls do not like the boys will not dress, every month to buy yourself own new clothes, change a few different styles, let her feel different you, natural will put the heart on you. Only who takes care of himself can take care of others.

How to Judge Whether Two People Suitable For Each Other or Not

When it comes to the love view of young people, most of them want to consider whether they can get along well with each other, which determines their future life together.

1. Communication and exchange
The most basic way to see whether the three views match is to see whether the way you talk, chat and communicate with each other are compatible. A person’s life is very long. If two people cannot talk together, let alone live in the future. But the premise of the conversation is reflected in your lifestyle, hobbies, knowledge, thinking horizon and other aspects. We can judge whether we are suitable for each other through the communication with a person. This is the world outlook.

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2. Growth experience
The so-called growth experience is that you get to know each other deeply through communication. You will find out who he met and what he did in his growth path. You can know his temper, character and character from childhood to adulthood. Whether you understand, respect and tolerate him also reflects whether your three views are compatible.

3. Network with friends
Two people together is essential to each other into the circle of friends, friends can best reflect a person’s habits, habits, conduct and so on. If two people’s circles are incompatible and have no overlap, it also shows that you have different pursuits in life. This is also the most effective way to judge the compatibility of his three views.


4. Consumption concept
In fact, the consumption concept is an indirect reflection of people’s values. For the same thing, you think it is valuable to spend money on, but he sneers at it and even throws a look at you because of it. That means your values are different. The same amount of money is also related to your quality of life, concept of life and so on.

5. Plan for the future
I think a person’s three views are correct, that he will certainly have a plan for his future. There will be a clear plan for work, life, family, etc., instead of just muddling through day by day. Two people in the future to live together, the purpose and direction must be the same. If you can’t agree, then your outlook on life is not appropriate.

6. Life attitude
Finally, there is the attitude towards life. Whether he always respects, positive and optimistic towards his family, friends and others, one’s attitude towards life can reflect whether one’s heart and spirit are healthy or not, and whether one can make progress together with you and stay with you all the time.

Men with these three traits are more popular in relationships

In Chinese girl’s heart has been compared in the end is the mature humor of the man is more suitable for trust, or the kind of practical competent man is more suitable. Both are good in comparison, but in the end most Chinese girls don’t necessarily choose between the two.

Because such a good man, can most of the grass has the Lord, and also in the pursuit of their minds want the goddess. So more women are choosing the right one. Therefore, compared with a few good men, men with these three characteristics are more attractive to Chinese girls.


1. Have certain achievements in career. A man full of temptation.
A man’s confidence either comes from a beautiful and virtuous wife or he has achieved something in his career. There was a temptation about them, a gentleness of manner and speech, and a quality in them.
Such a man has his own thoughts, are active to consider things, in the sexual interaction to make women have a feeling of peace of mind. They have more obvious plans for the future, and can also give women a stable life in the future, so that women are more likely to be emotional.

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2. A man with his own unique strengths.
Compared to a man who goes to work every day and then plays games, or does something less interesting. Men with their own unique strengths are more popular.
Because of the different character, everyone has their own unique circle. But the circle is trying to be everywhere. Otherwise in some occasions not on the table, not look embarrassed. Some people like music. Like music can relax their mood, let oneself in this irritable life can calm down to experience life. It also helps you stop being tone-deaf. Unique advantages, can add a temperament for yourself, so that you are more popular with women.

3. An attractive and single-minded man.
Not only the man likes the beautiful woman, the woman agrees to also like the good-looking man, this is mutual, but this man also needs to be single-minded, cannot own the merit to become the shortcoming.
This kind of advantage is not everyone can have, but at the same time, also need to be a little higher on their own, and to use the actual action to prove that this will be more attractive to women.

Long distance is not a problem! The right way to maintain a long-distance relationship

The reality is often cruel, many couples are faced with the problem of long distance love. Many people, because of the distant sense of space and had to give up this relationship. But there are a lot of successful long-distance couples out there, because they know how to maintain the relationship. To maintain your long-distance relationship, here’s how:


The right way to start a long-distance relationship: 1. Trust is important. When two people live in different places, trust can be said to be the only bond that keeps two people in love. There are countless couples who end up losing loved ones because of mutual suspicion. So to fully trust the girls, but also to give enough trust to Chinese girls. For example, don’t disturb the girl and the opposite sex too much. As long as the opposite sex to his girlfriend no other idea, it is not too excited, girls are not allowed to contact other members of the opposite sex, it will be easy to cause the girl’s resentment. Similarly, you should keep your distance from other members of the opposite sex. Show your love in your circle of friends and let your girlfriend know how much you love her.


The right way to have a long-distance relationship: 2. The biggest problem is not being able to face to face. When couples fight in the same place, they usually just need to coax a kiss, but long-distance couples don’t have the capital to do so. Have what problem, do not be angry hold back in the heart, should say to come out to solve it, otherwise this anger can roll bigger and bigger, a small problem can become big contradiction finally.


The right way to have a long-distance relationship: 3. Be sweet. If you can’t feel the sweetness of love physically, at least let girls feel it audibly. Say a sweet word to your girlfriend every day, add up over the years, multiplied by 365 days, will make her very happy. Sometimes, girls tend to say things like “annoying, glib”, but in fact, they are very happy inside. A little sweet talk from you can make her happy as a child.

Tips and tricks for dating a girl will make her fall in love with you quickly

What are the skills and methods of dating girls? Today I want to tell you that when you are dating a girl, you can make her fall in love with you! So what are the dating tips? Actively listen to the girls, pay attention to the girls, then how to do?

The skill of active listening to girls is that you have to pay attention to the person you are talking to and use language or body language to signal that you are being watched. Of course, staring at each other, not attention, that is called for! Focus your attention where it is needed at all times. So how do we do that?


1. Focus your attention on the person you’re talking to, and try not to make your eyes flutter or appear distracted. The apron of attendant has nothing to do with you, the girl who passes by no matter how good-looking she is also need to be restrained, as far as possible the interference of oversight outside.
Don’t focus too much on internal distractions also, such as how I’m going to answer her question or what the girl reminds you of.

2. Show recognition and empathy. You don’t need recognition for every word a girl says.
As long as you talk to each other, treat each other as a very interesting person, no matter what point of view the girl expresses in the process of chatting or different from your idea, you should understand and feel vivid and meaningful, just like your point of view and idea to yourself.

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3. What should I pay attention to when dating Chinese girls? Don’t be too anxious to talk, in the actual meeting process, there will be a time when everyone is silent. This can be awkward at times, but maybe the girl just wants to gather her thoughts or catch her breath, so make sure the other person has said it before you rush to speak. It’s polite and social intuition.

4. Keep your body language open and eye contact is essential, but don’t stare. Just make eye contact every now and then. Match your partner’s posture. When you get on well with them, you will often adopt a similar posture. Try this on your next date.

What are the skills and methods of attending meetings with girls? In the actual process of getting along with girls, the purpose of active listening to each other is not to make you sit there stupidly listening to girls talk. It’s about being actively involved in the way a girl talks to you and shares her feelings. When you are actively involved in communication, you will feel that the two parties have established a link. A girl will also think you value and support her. Your relationship will naturally rise in the dating conversation and become more intimate.