How to Judge Whether Two People Suitable For Each Other or Not

When it comes to the love view of young people, most of them want to consider whether they can get along well with each other, which determines their future life together.

1. Communication and exchange
The most basic way to see whether the three views match is to see whether the way you talk, chat and communicate with each other are compatible. A person’s life is very long. If two people cannot talk together, let alone live in the future. But the premise of the conversation is reflected in your lifestyle, hobbies, knowledge, thinking horizon and other aspects. We can judge whether we are suitable for each other through the communication with a person. This is the world outlook.

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2. Growth experience
The so-called growth experience is that you get to know each other deeply through communication. You will find out who he met and what he did in his growth path. You can know his temper, character and character from childhood to adulthood. Whether you understand, respect and tolerate him also reflects whether your three views are compatible.

3. Network with friends
Two people together is essential to each other into the circle of friends, friends can best reflect a person’s habits, habits, conduct and so on. If two people’s circles are incompatible and have no overlap, it also shows that you have different pursuits in life. This is also the most effective way to judge the compatibility of his three views.


4. Consumption concept
In fact, the consumption concept is an indirect reflection of people’s values. For the same thing, you think it is valuable to spend money on, but he sneers at it and even throws a look at you because of it. That means your values are different. The same amount of money is also related to your quality of life, concept of life and so on.

5. Plan for the future
I think a person’s three views are correct, that he will certainly have a plan for his future. There will be a clear plan for work, life, family, etc., instead of just muddling through day by day. Two people in the future to live together, the purpose and direction must be the same. If you can’t agree, then your outlook on life is not appropriate.

6. Life attitude
Finally, there is the attitude towards life. Whether he always respects, positive and optimistic towards his family, friends and others, one’s attitude towards life can reflect whether one’s heart and spirit are healthy or not, and whether one can make progress together with you and stay with you all the time.


Men with these three traits are more popular in relationships

In Chinese girl’s heart has been compared in the end is the mature humor of the man is more suitable for trust, or the kind of practical competent man is more suitable. Both are good in comparison, but in the end most Chinese girls don’t necessarily choose between the two.

Because such a good man, can most of the grass has the Lord, and also in the pursuit of their minds want the goddess. So more women are choosing the right one. Therefore, compared with a few good men, men with these three characteristics are more attractive to Chinese girls.


1. Have certain achievements in career. A man full of temptation.
A man’s confidence either comes from a beautiful and virtuous wife or he has achieved something in his career. There was a temptation about them, a gentleness of manner and speech, and a quality in them.
Such a man has his own thoughts, are active to consider things, in the sexual interaction to make women have a feeling of peace of mind. They have more obvious plans for the future, and can also give women a stable life in the future, so that women are more likely to be emotional.

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2. A man with his own unique strengths.
Compared to a man who goes to work every day and then plays games, or does something less interesting. Men with their own unique strengths are more popular.
Because of the different character, everyone has their own unique circle. But the circle is trying to be everywhere. Otherwise in some occasions not on the table, not look embarrassed. Some people like music. Like music can relax their mood, let oneself in this irritable life can calm down to experience life. It also helps you stop being tone-deaf. Unique advantages, can add a temperament for yourself, so that you are more popular with women.

3. An attractive and single-minded man.
Not only the man likes the beautiful woman, the woman agrees to also like the good-looking man, this is mutual, but this man also needs to be single-minded, cannot own the merit to become the shortcoming.
This kind of advantage is not everyone can have, but at the same time, also need to be a little higher on their own, and to use the actual action to prove that this will be more attractive to women.

Long distance is not a problem! The right way to maintain a long-distance relationship

The reality is often cruel, many couples are faced with the problem of long distance love. Many people, because of the distant sense of space and had to give up this relationship. But there are a lot of successful long-distance couples out there, because they know how to maintain the relationship. To maintain your long-distance relationship, here’s how:


The right way to start a long-distance relationship: 1. Trust is important. When two people live in different places, trust can be said to be the only bond that keeps two people in love. There are countless couples who end up losing loved ones because of mutual suspicion. So to fully trust the girls, but also to give enough trust to Chinese girls. For example, don’t disturb the girl and the opposite sex too much. As long as the opposite sex to his girlfriend no other idea, it is not too excited, girls are not allowed to contact other members of the opposite sex, it will be easy to cause the girl’s resentment. Similarly, you should keep your distance from other members of the opposite sex. Show your love in your circle of friends and let your girlfriend know how much you love her.


The right way to have a long-distance relationship: 2. The biggest problem is not being able to face to face. When couples fight in the same place, they usually just need to coax a kiss, but long-distance couples don’t have the capital to do so. Have what problem, do not be angry hold back in the heart, should say to come out to solve it, otherwise this anger can roll bigger and bigger, a small problem can become big contradiction finally.


The right way to have a long-distance relationship: 3. Be sweet. If you can’t feel the sweetness of love physically, at least let girls feel it audibly. Say a sweet word to your girlfriend every day, add up over the years, multiplied by 365 days, will make her very happy. Sometimes, girls tend to say things like “annoying, glib”, but in fact, they are very happy inside. A little sweet talk from you can make her happy as a child.

Tips and tricks for dating a girl will make her fall in love with you quickly

What are the skills and methods of dating girls? Today I want to tell you that when you are dating a girl, you can make her fall in love with you! So what are the dating tips? Actively listen to the girls, pay attention to the girls, then how to do?

The skill of active listening to girls is that you have to pay attention to the person you are talking to and use language or body language to signal that you are being watched. Of course, staring at each other, not attention, that is called for! Focus your attention where it is needed at all times. So how do we do that?


1. Focus your attention on the person you’re talking to, and try not to make your eyes flutter or appear distracted. The apron of attendant has nothing to do with you, the girl who passes by no matter how good-looking she is also need to be restrained, as far as possible the interference of oversight outside.
Don’t focus too much on internal distractions also, such as how I’m going to answer her question or what the girl reminds you of.

2. Show recognition and empathy. You don’t need recognition for every word a girl says.
As long as you talk to each other, treat each other as a very interesting person, no matter what point of view the girl expresses in the process of chatting or different from your idea, you should understand and feel vivid and meaningful, just like your point of view and idea to yourself.

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3. What should I pay attention to when dating Chinese girls? Don’t be too anxious to talk, in the actual meeting process, there will be a time when everyone is silent. This can be awkward at times, but maybe the girl just wants to gather her thoughts or catch her breath, so make sure the other person has said it before you rush to speak. It’s polite and social intuition.

4. Keep your body language open and eye contact is essential, but don’t stare. Just make eye contact every now and then. Match your partner’s posture. When you get on well with them, you will often adopt a similar posture. Try this on your next date.

What are the skills and methods of attending meetings with girls? In the actual process of getting along with girls, the purpose of active listening to each other is not to make you sit there stupidly listening to girls talk. It’s about being actively involved in the way a girl talks to you and shares her feelings. When you are actively involved in communication, you will feel that the two parties have established a link. A girl will also think you value and support her. Your relationship will naturally rise in the dating conversation and become more intimate.

Some tips about Dating to help you success

Dating is an elaborate battle, so be prepared to increase your chances of success.

1.Be confident

When dating each other, don’t feel inferior and don’t be conceited.

Some people worry about “I don’t look good” and “I can’t talk” on a date, causing the whole date to be out of whack.


In fact, the most important factor for a successful date is self-confidence. Only when you think you are attractive can you make others think you are brilliant.

So before you go on a date, you need to eliminate the negative subconscious thoughts deep in your mind. Be tolerant of yourself. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect person.

2. Decent image
When dating, be sure to pay attention to the image, their own shortcomings can also be made up by dressing and makeup.

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Dress respect, do not ask you to wear famous brand, also do not need how sexy, pure and fresh quietly elegant dress is OK. While guys love to see girls in miniskirts, high heels and backless dresses, they don’t like their Chinese girls to be scantily clad, especially in long-term relationships.
At the same time, the girl had better draw makeup, can show you so take seriously, but should remember makeup look cannot too thick, naked makeup is pretty good.
Of course, also can spray a few perfume, light, pure and fresh very good.

It’s important to improve your dating skills, and hopefully these tips will help you find the perfect relationship.


Thanksgiving Day, Express Everything You Want to Thank

November 22, warm reminder, today is Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving, as the name implies, is used to “Thanksgiving” festival, through this festival to thank some people and things in life.
On this day, seize the opportunity, seize the time, express everything you want to thank.
In the cold and freezing season, a simple warm words, enough to warm three winters!


— For parents and relative
Gently say to them, “thank you for your love, and be grateful for having you in my life!”
— For partners and lovers
You can quietly say to them: “thank you for your love, thank you for your company!”
— For best friends
You can quietly say to them: “thank you, thank you to accompany me crazy! ‘
— For friends and colleagues
Gently say to them, “thank you for meeting you! ”

In fact, in addition to giving thanks to friends and family around us, we can also give thanks to strangers we have met, touched or passed by in our lives.
For example, I would like to thank my take-out little brother for bringing the food to me on time. Thanks to the strange boys and girls when I went out to play who to take a group of beautiful pictures for me; Thanks to my aunt who sold vegetables on the market, she gave me two more green Onions. Thanks to the waiter who served me tea and water at the restaurant……


We can even thank others.
Like thanks to the sky, thank the ground, thank the wind, thank the rain, thank the blue sky, thank the white clouds…
Everything in life, own, lost, should be grateful to thanks to.
A person who knows how to be grateful is a lovely person.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, does anyone think of ex?
Do you, will you ever be grateful to your ex?
For ex, the person who has had a serious love in your life, who really wants to make Chinese girls happy, some people say that “if you are well, it will be sunny. ”
Some people also said that “ex” is a creature that doesn’t want to be contacted for the rest of its life, and that it’s best to just say, “if you’re okay, you’re a bolt from the blue. ”
How about you? Do you support the former view or the latter view?

Do You Know When Is The Best Time To Tell Confession of Love

Be in love with a person, the choice USES the secret love way to hide this feeling in the bottom of the heart silently, sometimes the taste is very wonderful, sometimes also can have the sour which cannot express in the heart. Deep feeling will always have possessiveness, as long as Chinese girls do not belong to their own day, will endure the itch of the day. But how to realize this possessiveness is a question that needs careful consideration. It is very important to choose the time to express your feelings.Chinese dating girls

  1. Have at least 60 percent of what the other person has already been touched by

Before you express your feelings, the most important question to consider is whether or not the person is touched by you.

If the Chinese girl does not move you at all, your expression will only let her feel unprepared, in the fluster mood, force oneself to give you a response, such response is either to refuse or to accept reluctantly, both of these two results are certainly not what you want.

Most of the time the feelings of liking do not break out in an instant, but are formed slowly in the process of getting along with each other.

In the absence of feelings for you, make an immediate decision about whether or not to be together, even if you agree to the request, the reason is not based on emotion.a1

2. There were no experiences of tentative expression frustration

Since you want to judge whether the other person has been moved by you before you express your feelings, you should look back on your experience of expressing frustration on several occasions.

Ask someone out on a special day to meet you; Buy tickets that are hard to get and share them with your partner. Prepared special surprise, personally sent to the door… These things are tentative expressions. If they are rejected by the other party most of the time, whether the attitude is euphemistic or not, it can be confirmed that the expression will be rejected as well.

Insinuation does not work, nor does explicit instruction.


3. The people around you already see you two as a couple

If one partner does feel for the other, it’s time to tell the truth.

Unless, when everyone sees you as a couple in childhood, the other person responds vehemently, explains to everyone in a serious manner, and at the same time, minimizes the chance of going out with you, you should give up.

Otherwise, you left the impression that you are lovers, and refused to express your feelings, but chose to put off, will drag the relationship to death.

At this point, the confession is a form of vindication.


4. There are competitors who show up and they are less interested in your romantic rival

There is a competitor appear, still refuse to express oneself, that afraid have to wait for the relationship did not start to fail the end.Whether or not the other person is interested in you, it’s time to take a gamble by expressing your feelings when a rival comes along and you realize that the other person is not interested in your rival.If Chinese girls and competitors have a good feeling, you will definitely be rejected. And the Chinese wife does not have the feeling to the competitor, the uncoordinated love enemy is strong, time delays, you still have the possibility of being eliminated.Special circumstances, special treatment, a bet is better than nothing.

Just how to Celebrate the Qixi Festival

The Qixi Festival, also known as the Double Seventh Festival or Qiqiao Festival, is probably the most romantic of all traditional Chinese holidays. It’s a time for you to celebrate star-crossed lovers with grand romantic gestures, boxes of chocolates and wanting for true love.

Here’s a simple guide to the break that’s become known simply while the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

two lovers at santa monica beach holding each other

The Basics
The Qixi Festival is born from a tale of star-crossed lovers, literally. Therefore the story goes, the break originates from the forbidden romance of the goddess Zhinu and the humble farm boy Niulang. Separated in the night time sky by the Milky Way, the 2 lovers are allowed to generally meet only annually across a connection of magpies on the evening of the Qixi Festival.

Qixi Festival Traditions
In days gone by, the Qixi Festival was an occasion for women to demonstrate the domestic skills essential for marriage. Today, the break went the way of the Western Valentine’s Day, a largely commercial opportunity for couples to get chocolates, flowers and other gifts.


Spot the Lovers in the Night Sky

Niulang and Zhinu became the stars, Altair and Vega, that can come closest together on the Qixi Festival. Altair is the midst of three stars to the east of the Milky Way. Vega is in a group of six simply to the west.

Create Something Handmade

Zhinu was a weaver and traditionally girls would pray for needlework and sewing skills, symbolizing the talents of an excellent spouse. With the return of knitting and crafting as popular contemporary hobbies, handmade scarves and hats are great personalized gifts.

Plan a Special Date

The Qixi Festival is ultimately about celebrating true love, so it’s difficult to argue with romantic gestures. Home cooked meals, gifts and romantic movies always win, just don’t forget Niulang and Zhinu as you settle in.

When is the Qixi Festival?
The Qixi Festival occurs each year between July 31 and August 29 on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. There is almost no time off granted for the Qixi Festival.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating: How to Effectively Use Dating Websites

How to effective online dating

Everyone has different online dating experiences. Some people go online dating well and end up in a satisfying relationship. Some people’s online dating experiences are confusing and disappointing. In fact, as with other dating methods, dating someone online can be both good and bad.


1) The way
The upside: online dating offers people more potential partners than they would otherwise be exposed to in their daily lives. Especially people who have a specific type, background, lifestyle or other special needs for their partner.
The downside: the number of people you can choose can be confusing and overwhelming. Without a clear plan, online daters can get bogged down in endless searches for the perfect partner and forget to start a satisfying relationship.

2) Matching
The upside: many dating sites offer a variety of personality tests and pairings that may help people find a better date.
The downside: matching two people is a complicated process, and testing may not be for everyone. And people may behave differently in reality, or change over time. So the pairing process can make you miss out on the right potential object.

3) Communication
The upside: online dating offers people several ways to get to know each other before they meet. This way of getting to know each other through the computer provides a safe and convenient way for people to interact with each other without any risk and without wasting too much time. For busy professionals, or people with high security vigilance, this type of communication is a great way to test potential partners.
The downside: communication via computers lacks the information that can be provided by face-to-face interactions, making it hard to really test a potential online target. And computers don’t provide the small details (such as skin contact) that people find attractive in interactions. So the way we communicate through computers may be superficial and emotionless.


Use online dating effectively

So there are pros and cons to online dating, so can you take advantage of the experience of online dating? I have a few tips:

1. Methods: there are many choices, of course, but they need to be screened. If you want a real face-to-face date experience, don’t stay in unlimited browsing mode. You should narrow down your search, or choose something “that he must have,” and start an online conversation with someone who meets those criteria. In order to hit the jackpot with so many choices, you have to at least get a sense of what kind of person you want to date, and whether or not you can meet their needs.

2. Matching: online testing may not be able to give you a perfect object directly, but at least they will be able to help you narrow your choices, especially can help you to weed out those who could not everyone suitable date. You may need to try several times to figure out who’s right for you. Pairing can also help you avoid disastrous choices. In addition, you have to trust your subconscious, such as your intuition, which may help you a lot.

timg (1)

3. Communication: online communication is about getting to know the basics, not setting the tone for the whole relationship. So focus on getting to know the basics quickly, and then make an appointment for a real meeting, usually with a few short emails or conversations. Those long email profiles can be counterproductive and scare people off, so stay on the date. If you care about the time, make an appointment to meet at a cafe. If you don’t feel safe, it’s better to make an appointment in public.


In general, keep in mind that online dating is best as a way to meet and date people later, and keep this goal in mind to prevent you from getting sucked into endless online dating. So:
If you start to feel confused, the next step is always to make a face-to-face appointment.
If you find yourself with too many options, you need to find a way to narrow down your options and find a better fit.
If you don’t know how to start with a potential partner, send them a text message.
If you’re tired of online conversation, suggest a meeting.
Keep this in order and you’ll find it much easier to find a satisfying date that you can meet.

The Safety Skills of Online Dating

Meeting online friends is stressful and exciting, and it’s an unforgettable experience. Modern men and women are so busy with their lifestyles that they need professional help to arrange dating. The born of Internet technology has improved the quality and opportunity of human interaction. Online dating technology offers a wider range. You can get membership information and match details through dating sites. Matchmaking services also offer online chat rooms, photo shows and email addresses. With these details, it’s easier to find a date that suits you. Of course, it is easier to understand a person’s personality through face-to-face contact.


Online dating advice.
When considering a quick date, there are a few things you should keep in mind before meeting strangers. Often, the site offering dating services also offers some advice and consulting. To avoid regret, prevention is always better than cure. Some tips for success include:


Don’t give away your address and contact information when you first meet someone through BBS. After that, if two people feel comfortable with each other, they can further share sensitive information.

It is a wise idea to meet people who are not very well informed and should choose a public field. In addition, you can invite friends to see the date together to create a suitable meeting activity.

Avoid paying bills on your first date, and it’s better to go Dutch. This is because no one can guarantee a “return”, so they can share it without feeling guilty.

First date should avoid alcohol. It is well known that alcohol affects one’s judgment.

Make sure you use your own transportation. Both men and women should be vigilant about security.

If you can follow the above principles, you can guarantee the safety of your date. When you feel uncertain, choose the safest option.